Chief Justice Roberts: I Wish You Injustice

And just to make sure we got his wish, he rewrote Obamacare to save it -- twice!

Oh, maybe that isn't what he meant.
"Now, the commencement speakers will typically also wish you good luck and extend good wishes to you," Roberts said. "I will not do that, and I’ll tell you why. From time to time in the years to come, I hope you will be treated unfairly, so that you will come to know the value of justice. I hope that you will suffer betrayal because that will teach you the importance of loyalty."
Well, wish fulfilled, either way.

Hardship can build virtue, but it doesn't necessarily do so. Suffering injustice might make you more likely to value justice, or it might make you more likely to decide that a rigged game is meant to be cheated.


Dad29 said...

a rigged game is meant to be cheated.

Or overthrown.

jaed said...

I read that the other day, and it struck me as not only mean-spirited and nasty, but as condescending. (Does he really believe that having been treated unfairly is the only way to develop an appreciation of justice? Perhaps we should also wish all marrying couples will get a messy divorce one day, so they can learn to value a good marriage?)

It's true that experiencing a virtue's opposite vice can make you appreciate that virtue all the more, but it hardly seems either necessary or sufficient!

Anonymous said...

I wish Roberts many Irritants, just like defining obamacare penalties as a tax.........

Its wonderfull how Gorsuch is irritating Roberts so much!
Like sand in a oyster!

.....In his first two months on the Court, Gorsuch has written his own concurring or dissenting opinions on seven occasions. By way of comparison, that’s as many times as Justice Elena Kagan wrote independently in her first two years on the Court. His aggressive approach has solicited both approving and detracting responses.......


Ymar Sakar said...

Appeal to your leader and mayors, those who are stewards over you. If they reject your pleas, appeal to the courts and judges. If they reject your pleas, appeal to the President. If he rejects your pleas, then who do you have left except for the Most High and that other god.