What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In fairness, this is exactly why people voted for Donald Trump.
Toby Keith is headed to the Middle East to join President Donald Trump on his trip to Saudi Arabia. The country singer will perform at a free, men-only concert Saturday in the capital city of Riyadh alongside Saudi singer Rabeh Saqer, The Associated Press reported.
Over/under on whether he'll perform this fan favorite?

Before you say there's no way, take a moment to watch this video as well. There's a kind of showmanship at work here.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I don't listen much to country music, especially newer stuff. But I find it's exactly what I want to listen to after I've been traveling overseas. Thanks.

Grim said...

The newer stuff is mostly garbage, to be sure. Toby Keith has his moments. Not all of them do.