Stop parodying yourself

That was Morgan Freeberg's response to the "snowflake" microaggression meltdown, but it applies equally to this self-knowledge-free-zone WaPo article about how Big Brother is not the real problem; the real problem is the overwhelming noise of thousands of angry children:
This is Little Brother — millions of irrational people spreading lies, sowing doubt and fomenting violence. Thanks to Little Brother, the government — Trump and his incoming administration, in this case — doesn’t have to directly threaten the political opposition or spread propaganda on its own. Leaders only need to find indirect ways to validate supporters’ most vile emotions and make lying acceptable, as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) did recently when he said it was all right for Trump to spread falsehoods. Little Brother and his NRA-protected guns can take it from there.
So what is Little Brother?
Like the pack of wild children in “Lord of the Flies,” Little Brother is unsupervised, isolated from civilization and potentially murderous. And thanks to the Internet, the vicious, dog-eat-dog world of Little Brother is impossible to escape.
Little Brother screams so loud, no one can think. When human beings experience anger and fear — the dominant emotions of Little Brother and his Internet clickbait — their IQs drop. People cannot use their rational minds when thousands of angry children are shouting at them online. That’s Little Brother.
I guess we need some of that anti-dog-eat-dog legislation.


raven said...

” unsupervised, isolated from civilization and potentially murderous."

Just the way I like it. Be really hard to impose your will on folks like that. Reminds me of my ancestors. Damned Yankee's, every one of them, but not city denizens. They were the ones who shot Indians, Frenchmen,and Hessian's, hunted whales with harpoons, and generally took an extreme dislike to being told what to do, by anybody. One of them set his Captain adrift in the middle of the Pacific in a whaleboat. The guy lived, amazingly, and made his way back to New Bedford. No hard feelings. People were apparently less sensitive then.

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post is still trying to spike the stories that came out of the multitudinous leaks and document dumps during this campaign. They are busy trying to slander the citizen journalists that have taken up the slack our pathetic, counterproductive, corrupt arm of the Democratic Party that calls itself our elite news media has left on some serious national issues.

If Hillary Clinton had been a Republican, the Washington Post would have had a Wikileaks or Project Veritas story every day for the last three months. Instead, they are railing about anything else they can cobble together.


Grim said...

Just the way I like it. Be really hard to impose your will on folks like that. Reminds me of my ancestors.

Indeed, it does sound familiar now that you mention it.

Anonymous said...

Like your humor, neighbor!

Ymar Sakar said...

No wonder they call people that are anti authority, crazy, lone wolves, and zero team players.

It also explains why it took the Alt Right *beaten step children of Leftists* to use a collective propaganda regime to out Alinsky the Leftists.

Ymar Sakar said...

The problem is humanity. Humans need a flood every once in awhile to wipe out the defects and corrupted ones.