Do These People Not Realize They're Leaving the White House in about a Month?

Why would they want to expand this power?
Josh, this administration has made a huge priority out of responding to online threats from jihadists. You have a whole set of people at the State Department; you have them at the Pentagon; you’ve got people who have gone after those who posted these messages and killed them in the Middle East.... You had an entire set of businesses up here on Connecticut Avenue for months getting direct death threats, and they said that nothing was done about them. Is it only a priority if these are jihadi threats? And is it not a priority for this administration if businesses and normal people are getting death threats and being terrorized for months with no action on the part of this administration? Help me understand the difference there.
Union leaders, too, I guess. Shall we assassinate the people making those death threats, like we do jihadis in Yemen?

Or is the point just to bend the whole Federal government toward going after the fringe political enemies of the administration's allies? That seems like a power that couldn't possibly be abused in, say, a month and a half. If you really think Trump is running a fascist movement, why would you be asking the administration to exert new power? Shouldn't you be arguing for it to accept binding handcuffs, which could only be a minor inconvenience in your last month or so, but that might hamper the incoming administration?


Barack "Smarter Than Thou" Obama said...

Clearly, sir, you are too stupid to understand the smart smartness that is Smart Power.

But you would. If you were smart like me. Which you're not.

But then, nobody really is, capiche? "As smart as me", I mean. I'm explaining because I have to do that a lot.

Because I'm smarter than all y'all bitter gun clingers.

douglas said...

Grim, you're too busy thinking things through to get the feelings involved here- that is what really matters- to them.

Barack "Smarter Than Thou" Obama said...

I also have more (and better!) feelings than any of you. I am incredibly empathetic like that, if I do say so myself.

Admit it, Hating Haters (who hate). You will miss me.