Bad Advice From The Boss

Headline: "Obama Urges Troops To “Criticize Our President” & “Protest Against Authority” In Final Address."

Servicemembers wanting to take the President's advice here might want to brush up on a couple of articles of the UCMJ, just to be safe. A servicemember can criticize the President, and it sometimes may even be that one should, but some of the things that President Obama has said about his successor could merit significant punishment.

Don't worry, though: I'm sure there will be plenty of criticism of the President to go around.


douglas said...

I'd love to see someone, preferably a flag officer who served under him, to take his advice. Starting tomorrow. I mean if the man says in a speech in front of a military audience and God and everybody that it's o.k., some decent lawyer ought to be able to come up with a reasonable defense.

E Hines said...

Douglas: command influence. A superior officer's suggestion to a subordinate is tantamount to an order to that subordinate.

All generals should pipe up. They'd be insubordinate not to, now.

Eric Hines

raven said...

To criticize or cricketsize, there's the rub.

MikeD said...

I'd have loved to see his face if one of the lower enlisted in the croud responded by yelling "Thanks for the permission, sir. You suck!"