A Skeptic on Petraeus

I will always have a place in my heart for David Petraeus, who commanded the Surge and won back a chance for Iraq to succeed. However, while I can and do fault President Obama for his squandering of that chance, I don't fault him for his handling of the end of Petraeus' career. Both in his handling of classified information, and in his handling of his relationship with his wife, he showed himself to have fallen away from the standards and virtues that properly belong to those entrusted with the lives of Americans.

Now Christine Brim comes to suggest that he is really a Clintonite Democrat as well. Perhaps -- or perhaps he is just one of those generals, of whom there are many, for whom doing what the politicians want becomes a guiding star. If he looks like a Clintonite, it's only because he expected them to win and aligned himself accordingly.

Still, I'm afraid that it is best for David Petraeus to remain in retirement. With respect for the good that he did, this is not the hour to elevate someone to high position with his track record on handling classified information. That was a valid and good reason to avoid elevating Hillary Clinton to the Presidency, and it is just as good a reason not to make Petraeus a Secretary of State. That he also may have participate in other Clintonite scandals, such as the provision of false information on Benghazi, only underlines what is already adequately determined by that fact.


E Hines said...

Still, I'm afraid that it is best for David Petraeus to remain in retirement.

I agree. To the extent Petraeus' policy advice might have value for Trump, that's what kitchen cabinets are for. And that's what one-time informal consults are for.

Eric Hines

MikeD said...

One of my most elemental faults with Clinton was her reckless disregard for national security. I have the same problem with General Petraeus. I think to even nominate him makes all the accusations of Clinton look like mere electioneering, and not a serious consideration of her crimes. And that I reject wholeheartedly.

Cassandra said...

What Mike said.

Anonymous said...

I too like what mike said.

Tom said...

No, stop it. Someone has to disagree! (Though not me.)

Ymar Sakar said...

Petraeus high point was when he realized the Left had blackmail on him and decided to fall on his own sword instead. That was pretty good.

Most Democrats would have found some scapegoat and sacrificed it instead.