Both presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton have ties to convicted pedophile and Democratic donor, billionaire Jeffery Epstein and "Sex Slave Island."

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Ymar Sakar said...

I knew about his connection back before Cruz pulled out of Trum's RNC and primaries.

It's why I said Trum would not be likely to attack Clinton as ferociously as he attacked "crazy" Carson or "Lying Ted" Cruz, as the Alt Right might term it.

Since if Trum attacks too far, Clinton can bring out some interesting blackmail, if Trum is the type to fall for the Honey Pot. And he is.

Trum said he didn't know Epstein personally, it was only through his good buddies, the Clintons. Trum has a history of supporting gun confiscation, New York values, Clinton campaigns, and other Democrat campaigns. Trum even publicly spoke out in favor of Hussein's healthcare con.

Of course, Clinton was going to pull this out the moment Trum looked like he was going to win, after Trum's counter attack in the debates. It's probably her trump card against Trum, if the blackmail exists. If it doesn't... well, i'm sure they can do something about that.

Epstein often told his teenagers to have sex with famous and powerful people, then tell Epstein what they liked, so that Epstein could use it as blackmail or leverage. Epstein was pretty clever, for a teenage prostitute pimp of the billionaire class.