Irritating New Spin: It's Tyranny to Jail One's Opponent

Well, yes it would be, if jailing her were done as an exercise of political will.

No, if it was done because she broke the law. It's the President's job to see that the law is faithfully executed, a fact apparently forgotten in recent years.

Tyranny lies just as much in not enforcing the law on the connected as in any potential for unfair enforcement against the disfavored. Tyranny, and its attendant corruption, are just what we are witnessing in Clinton's case now.


Dad29 said...

"...a fact apparently SELECTIVELY forgotten in recent years."

Fixed it for ya.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Righteous are punished for being righteous, while the guilty are set free because they have power and wealth.

Sounds like a prophecy of the End Times, Grim.

Grim said...

It would sound more like the End Times if it were not so frequent a human experience all these long years. But perhaps it means the end of something.

Ymar Sakar said...

Even the end of America, would be titanic, to the atheists even.

While years are long to a human perspective, to a 4th+ dimensional entity like the divine, it's probably less long. The usual quantum explanation may not be applicable, but the one about a 2 dimensional entity watching the actions of a 3rd dimensional entity (us) as being magical and near omnipotent.

A square, can only move in 2 dimensions, it cannot enter a locked square except by breaking in from the outside. A 3 dimensional entity, can jump up and down into the locked square. To a 2d entity, it would look like we had teleported in, broken the bounds of all conceptual imprisonment and limits.

As a 3 dimensional entity, time is a stream, we cannot go back or forward as we will. To a divine level entity in the 4th dimension or above, the future is something they can see or touch as effectively as they can our past. They may have something in the nature of a "day", but only in the sense of a causality, A causes B, causes C. As such, trying to use human reason or evidence to predict future events is rather pointless. Half of it will be wrong.

The only time when it is Right all the time, is if it comes from a divine source, as non humans at least have a better conception of what we ourselves cannot manipulate. The question then becomes whether the entity can be trusted to tell the truth. And whether the human mind can interpret the truth without falsifying evidence.