The Sage of Knoxville Suspended from Twitter

I don't use the platform, which strikes me as ridiculous -- 'let's have a conversation in 140 characters or fewer!' -- but InstaPundit is as non-radical as they come. In the very near future of America, though, a law professor with even slightly unacceptable views will be forced out of the public space.

Tossed in the "basket of deplorables," I guess.

UPDATE: Apparently reinstated, provided he deletes what offended them. That was a suggestion that protesters shutting down freeways should be run down. It's a stupid tactic of protests, one that really does get people killed in terms of ambulances not being able to reach hospitals in time. If you are willing to kill people to make your point, you can't complain too much if they're willing to run the risk of killing you right back.

We're rapidly getting close to the point of real conflict.

UPDATE: Apparently his university is now investigating him.


Tom said...

It is getting Mad Max-y out there.

Eric Blair said...

I think all that needs to happen is a couple of reporters get killed covering this stuff (like the guy who almost got tossed on the bonfire last night, or the other one who was knocked down) and the media will stop ginning up the outrage.

It's almost all ginned up by the media coverage.

jaed said...

The recent spate of Twitter actions has me wondering whether Trump has a contingency plan for what happens when Twitter bans him.

ColoComment said...

Buncha rioting strangers surround my vehicle on the highway..., I'm not gonna stop. I might slow down enough to encourage them to give me room, but I'm not going to let them stop me. If other cars won't move, I'll take to the shoulder.
That law enforcement allows protesters to line up across an interstate highway and bring traffic to a complete halt, is not acceptable to me. Bring up the paddy wagons and get those people outta there.

Texan99 said...

I amuse myself by imagining what they'd do if Trump supporters lined up across an interstate highway.

Ymar Sakar said...

Run them down at 20 miles per hour. They will get out of the way automatically.

Bicycle users have been hit at that speed, they aren't dead or seriously injured even.

Ymar Sakar said...

. In the very near future of America, though, a law professor with even slightly unacceptable views will be forced out of the public space.

They'll probably radicalize em, like Alinsky.

But that's how this country is trending more or less.

This war is not something that can be stopped by words or promises or compromises. A bit too late for that one.

Tom said...

So, UT Law is investigating, and he's been suspended from his USA Today column for a month.

jaed said...

The tweet could be read two ways. Given the context he provided in the tweet itself (link to stories of attackers surrounding blocked cars), the context of the riots (one person dead, several injured), and the slightest bit of charity in the reading, it's clear the correct way to read it is that he was advising escape from a potentially lethal attack, not randomly running people over.

The dean responds with a lengthy statement filled with what can only be termed SJW blather, bureaucratic subtype, with no charity at all. Based on this statement, I'm pretty sure they're getting ready to fire him. (Not for the tweet, of course—it sounds as though they've wanted to fire him for a while, and hope the tweet can serve as an excuse.)

ColoComment said...

A demonstration of what can happen if you forget the /sarc tag.

Not to worry: FIRE is onnit.