The Hazards of Incomplete Planning

Planning a home invasion? Let's go through the checklist:

House has enough stuff to make it worth robbing? Check.

Do we outnumber the residents? Check.

Did we bring guns? Check.

Hey, did anybody stop to see what state we're in? Georgia?



raven said...

They can take my paper towels when they can pry from cold dead hands!

raven said...

Some thoughts-
A good example of how aggressively taking the fight to the enemy can turn a situation around.
Her last desultory round, emptied the gun and she did not have a reload handy. Then she was focused on the cell phone, not the situation.
And then her partner comes in , acting very befuddled. I have worked on getting my wife to wake me, if she wakes first to a bump in the night, so we can work as a team.

E Hines said...

The lady showed admirable spunk, and did nothing wrong that a bit of training and practice wouldn't cure. The last round fired also suggested she had no idea of how many rounds she had left or of how many she'd fired. And she displayed no fire discipline as she banged away at the invaders, although the description of the outcome suggests (but doesn't prove) that she may have gotten one of them.

Under stress, she's still likely to be a poor shot, but training and practice would lessen that a bit.

They can take my paper towels when they can pry from cold dead hands!

Burn the land
And boil the sea.
You can't take the towels from me.

My wife and I have a (very) few brief and easily understood in poor acoustic conditions code words, none of which require a response, so we can work as a team with some physical separation.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

Did anyone check if crazy people who like to train as warriors, live in this house?

I would check that if I were you.

There were some Spanish or Latin looking youths and some older adults scoping my street out, from a 3 car line up on the side street. So I got curious and went to talk (interview) them. Turned out they were J Witnesses out to speak to the Spanish.

I like to check out people in parked in strange places, they're usually there for unusual reasons. And if I was scoping out a neighborhood to raid, I would also pretend to be just like them too.

Texan99 said...

It made me nervous as a cat to watch her wandering around on the phone, no reload, and no obvious attempt to ensure that all three invaders (did she know how many there were?) were indisputably disarmed and steadily dropping in body temperature. It also made me glad that when I wake up, I wake up, and so does my husband. He may be irritable, but he's functioning (and armed, and a much better shot than I am). Her husband is not really functioning yet in that video.--Man, she didn't stay huddled in the bedroom, did she? She came out blazing. But she's lucky the intruders panicked and ran.