Jill Stein Arrested For Trying to Participate in Presidential Debate

And boy, you can see why. I'm sure we're all grateful to the powers that be for making sure that only quality candidates like those two show up on our national stage.

I've heard her talk several times now. I don't agree with her about much of anything, but she's far and away smarter than either of those two. She has a better command of the issues as well.


Anonymous said...

"she's far and away smarter than either of those two. "

I read the article. How is she smarter than either of those two?


Grim said...

Not for reasons you'd learn in the article. If you listen to her talk things through, though, you can see she's quite intelligent. If she had been allowed onto the debate stage, in comparison with either of the others, she'd have shone in at least that light.

Ymar Sakar said...

She failed to pay to Play. So she doesn't get to play.

As for reading MSewerM propaganda, the readers are getting played, as usual.

Tom said...

She's getting quite the rap sheet this election season.