News blackout officially over

When it was Muslim refugees terrorizing Germans on the street, it took days for the story to come out, and then only when the social media buzz got too loud to ignore.  That problem's all fixed, now, since "right-wingers" are now loose in public.  Reuters is all over it now, with Tuesday-morning reports of Monday-night outrages.


Ymar Sakar said...

Reuters and AP are part of the Left's propaganda arm, after all. They will obey their orders, standing or otherwise.

OIF saw plenty of their like, in the course of that operational war.

Grim said...

There used to be a term for the whiplash suffered by NYT readers when they suddenly learned of an ongoing major story only because it had suddenly become useful to talk about it.

I love the argument that you can know these guys are bad actors because they were "to a not insignificant degree" "sympathizers and or members" of the right wing or "members of violent sporting groups." To a not insignificant degree, now.