"Hillary Clinton Doesn't Trust You"

That is true in so many ways. Why did she ever decide to put up a personal email system? Because she didn't want her emails to become public records, which would allow the American public to judge her performance. Why did she invent the weird story that the Benghazi attacks were a spontaneous response to an internet video -- in an area where internet access is extremely spotty? Why did she work so hard to cover up her husband's sexual improprieties? Why, finally, is she apparently incapable of expressing herself to American voters without seeming like she's putting on a calibrated, artificial act?

Set all that aside. For now, let's talk about health care.
Hillary Clinton's campaign has spent the past few days indulging its worst instincts. It blundered into a dumb attack on Bernie Sanders, but rather than back down it raised the stakes. The result has been a reminder, to liberals, of what they like about Sanders and mistrust about Clinton.
This is the beginning, by the way, of a strongly pro-Clinton article. This is as good as it gets for her: an article headlined "Hillary Clinton Doesn't Trust You." You're supposed to realize by the end that you're the problem, and that you should do more to earn her trust. Maybe then she will quit lying to you, and start taking you in to her confidence about how she is going to organize your life.


Ymar Sakar said...

This is often why the government or the Leftist Regime so to speak, look like they are idiots and incompetent corruptocrafts. It hides their intent, because the outcome of their project look so disastrous people have a hard time imagining why anyone would do it that way if it was intentional.

It is intentional, however, but that doesn't mean the results are always good or perfect.

Whether an enemy has intent or not, is not based on the outcome or even the methods used. Intent is separate.

It's something various animals walking around actually made me pay attention to. Learning from animal behavior like Shaolin monks claimed to have done for martial arts. They react to my intent, even though I had made no muscular movements. Merely the direction of the eyes and the tilting of the head, any sound, is enough to make them react. They can see the intent, before the method is utilized, even when I'm merely thinking about doing something, they notice that first and react first. Thus reshaping the actual outcome in the end.

They are not brilliant, the Leftist alliance for human utopia, evil, and slavery. They are not as efficient as plumbers and engineers are. But they do have something that might be called a virtue, the unwillingness to quit, the unwillingness to allow guilt to stop them, the inability to admit defeat. They will never stop, Short of Death itself when it overrides their mortal coil.

That is the only Power above the power of the Leftist alliance, of human fanaticism. Some religious believers, like the Christian martyrs under Rome, weren't fazed by that either, although it had an effect on them.

The problem with idiots is that they never, they don't improve, that's why people belittle them. If an idiot could become a genius with hard work... well, that would change popular cultural perspectives. The Left, via endless work and attempts, do learn. They do improve, that is why I never considered them a harmless threat in 2007, nor over Operation Iraqi Freedom when they were sabotaging it. They are not what people think they are.

Ymar Sakar said...

As for the internet video, rumour has it that this was a false flag op, a created emergency. That's why State removed the Ambassador's security detail. That's why they were shipping weapons to Syria and AQ from Benghazi/Turkey/UAE area countries.

The film creator was not a grassroots person, he was put up to the job by the federales. Perhaps to act as a fall guy, perhaps for some other operation.

This is very noticeable, because centralized authority tends to have an extremely large lag time. When everyone in the REgime started spouting off the same propaganda points about the video, and then the arrest came very quickly, that is a sign of preparation and planning, not "government efficiency", that mythical beast.

Another data point that links to that is the Iran "hostage" crisis. Benghazi could easily have been another "false flag" operated hostage crisis, except the foreign nationals got taken over by AQ. They were "supposed" to have been released as quickly as Iran released theirs. They were supposed to... that's why the security detail was pulled. That's why they ordered military rescue forces to Stand Down.

They thought they had the operation they wanted, for PR purposes.

People like them, usually have an SOP and they don't deviate from it. They try and try again. If not Vietnam, then some other war. As enemies, they are almost too predictable.