BLM & Reckless Burning

A video from the protesters out West showing BLM agents burning fires that destroyed summer feed, cattle, and the homes of ranchers. Now, this is taken from the perspective of the protest movement, so of course it shows what things look like from their side. Still, you can see them burning a family's house down through reckless fire-setting. You can see the burns on the cattle.

It may be that there's more to this case than the charges against an individual family -- or the questionable tactics of the group that is protesting in Oregon. This starts to look like a much bigger deal that needs attention.

UPDATE:  Local Fire Chief resigns, supports the armed protest.
The Harney County fire chief resigned Wednesday because he says he no longer trusts the local government. Chris Briels stood next Ammon Bundy, the leader of an armed group that has taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, and announced he had turned in his resignation to county Judge Steve Grasty.

Briels accused the Bureau of Land Management of land grabbing and supports the effort to hand over the land to ranchers, but he also feels betrayed by Grasty and other members of the county government, a first sign of fracture among local leaders.
Sounds like the Fire Chief has some beefs of his own with the BLM.

UPDATE: Fire chief says he caught FBI agents masquerading as militia and harassing locals to make the militia look bad.

UPDATE: The Pacific Patriots Network, an organization of III% and militia in the northwest, sent a team a while ago to try to negotiate a settlement between the Oregon protesters and the Feds. They've made a proposal that would be hard for the NYT wing to sneeze at:
Carrying guns, they presented a resolution to the FBI and local law enforcement calling for the return of land to the people of Harney County—and surprisingly, recommended co-management with the Burns Paiute Tribe.

Burns Paiute tribal chairperson Charlotte Roderique has stated to the media her irritation with Bundy and his “militia” supporters goal of “giving back the land to ranchers.” “It’s been validated we’ve been here since 15,000 years ago,” she told ICTMN. “These people are ignorant of the history and that they don’t think about the statements they are making. They are misinformed.”... In light of this [proposal], Roderique says, “we are not adverse to a land transfer however, it’s not something that you would just do. There would have to be financial arrangements made. Accommodations for people who work there. We’d be interested in co-managing the refuge to protect our sites out there.”
So, that's a "yes," plus an opening position for further negotiations.


Ymar Sakar said...

It's intentional, I told you before.

It's easy to assume the Leftist alliance is making mistakes or going around being incompetent idiots, 6 years ago when people loved to deny that such an alliance ever existed...

Ymar Sakar said...

Reading Grim's update, if the feds have agents to do a false flag sabotage, now is the time to activate it. Waiting too long may have... interesting consequences for them.

Normally they are much quicker on the uptake, it would have been "contained" by now. Since even at Waco 2, the SWAT teams were already in a shoot to kill position, before the biker clubs even exited the building. They were prepared for that "staged justification" for lethal force.

Perhaps the BLM is waiting on Hussein Obola's orders and Hussein Obola has given Valerie temporary operational commander due to the Iranian-US Navy false flag op. When things start happening at this operational tempo, a lot of those decadent Leftists tend to go on vacation for golfing and Cuban sex tourism.

Ymar Sakar said...

The FBI is going to need better false flag ops than that, if they want to make Ammon or the Bundy faction look bad. Perhaps they can hire some black Muslims or something, or the ATF may have better advice for them. Waco can definitely give them the goods on how to get away with killing children and blaming it on religious gun clingers. That's always been a ticket.

Grim said...

It is only the word of one disgruntled local official for now, but it is a question very much worth asking. People have wondered aloud why this group is being allowed to take over a Federal refuge with minimal opposition. I figured the answer was that (a) it's so remote, and (b) it's the middle of winter, and the Fedgov doesn't need the thing until late spring anyway. Why not wait and see if they'll just go home after a while, at which point you can pick them up individually and prosecute them, after their defenses are down?

On the other hand, maybe they've decided to use this to run an operation designed to discredit militia/patriot groups as such. And maybe the BLM really is trying to burn independent ranchers out of the area, so they can control the whole thing. It's a position that is becoming more plausible as more information comes to light.

Ymar Sakar said...

Judging by a limited tactical assessment of Bundy's faction, they are better armed than the entire BLM of Nevada. Better trained, tactically speaking. Previous operational experience in Nevada. Secondary and tertiary training from online and C4 communications networks, as well as past military veteran status.

That level of force is difficult to contain, especially if there are no orders allowing it. BLM is used to taking on unarmed ranchers who refuse to fight back, because their families and property are involved. If I was a bureaucrat caught slightly off guard, and by previous mention of the Nevada Reid land grab, I might just sit tight and call in reinforcements. They got that CYA culture over there.

Vanderb's Irregular statement that this is a false flag initiated by "federal forces", whatever that means, is still in play. The longer this situation goes, the more it looks like the fed's "feigned weakness" in allowing Bundy to take the initiative, may actually be real. A real weakness, not merely a pretend weakness to bait a trap.

There is also other theories explaining who might be conducting a false flag, that doesn't involve the militia, the 3 percent irregulars, or the federal government.

It is always important when analyzing intel to run simultaneous simulation tracks for every feasible outcome and initial condition, rather than putting all the eggs in one basket.

The remoteness (just look at that sky and horizon in the video) and it being winter, would certainly play into why the federal forces are slow in their response. But if Bundy had been baited in, it wouldn't have mattered, because the forces necessary to crush him would already have been pre positioned. Thus that argues against Vander's proposition. It does not argue against it being a false flag, just not being the fed's false flag or BLM's false flag. Somebody else's setup.

BLM and the EPA have been running mafia extortion rackets over the entire country, even before 2012. That's how the rumours are at least. People would normally never have heard about it. But with the age of the internet and with C4 de-centralized cells and communities, they will get the message, one way or another. And it will be believed, not because they are good at analyzing intel, but because 1. their communities have become really paranoid and 2. there are plenty of intel analysts who will tell them exactly why this is happening.

Those analysts would have been called crackpots and crazies even in 2010. They would never have dared go on the internet and broadcast their actual views. As normal people are "radicalized" and oppressed by the Occupation and Regime, there is more territory, more "fish" for people to swim in and get lost in.

It would turn out to be the height of irony, if the FBI and BLM were operating from previous SOP, and just happened to end up in the same place due to Bundy faction's actions. If the Left's centralized hierarchy doesn't get a grip on the situation soon by passing down clear orders, the FBI and BLM will be like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Previous examples of EPA/ATF/IRS cooperative joint ops was present in the action against the Tea Party. It wasn't merely the IRS targeting those groups, it was a whole list of alphabet soup orgs. Whose orders did they get for that joint ops? That's where one will find the coordinator.

If the coordinator is out of the OODA loop for a certain amount of time, and the 4th gen irregulars can confirm that data, this will become more than that state's entire military may be capable of handling. People have been waiting a long time.

I like the trick with the Indian tribes, though. Using the Left's weakness against it. Creative.