What does it matter WHO he supports?

So this story amused me to no end.  Not because the incident is funny, but because of the comments.

Now I know, I know... never read the comments.  But I did this time on a hunch, and that hunch paid off.  So in the story we're presented with a clearly drunk 19 year old who attacks a Muslim woman, yelling racial epithets and such, and when they investigate his social media, they find he is a Bernie Sanders supporter, who has some pretty harsh things to say about people who are anti-LGBT and the Confederate flag.  So in the comments, there's a ton of "What does this have to do with Bernie?"  And "This is just awful that they're trying to say this reflects on Bernie Sanders!"

But now, just imagine for half a second that he was a Trump supporter.  Do you not think (even a little) that this would have made national news?  But I guess it's a nothing story, huh?  Just some random crazy person with no broader implications than that.  Move along.


Eric Blair said...

Of course it matters who he supports.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

This is the world we inhabit.