This story is perfect on so many levels. A mass shooting stopped by a concealed carry permit holder. Who was an Uber driver. In Chicago.


E Hines said...

There's gun control, and there's gun control.

I know that neighborhood. Good to see some semblance of stability. Or not.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Apparently the story is from April, which is funny because I've seen multiple instances of it from different outlets on my FB feed today, shared by completely different communities of people whose only connection is me.

Ymar Sakar said...

One of the easier way to conduct data mining traces is to see who shares what news on FB and then link the reactions to specific cells. Once those cells are located, they can be crushed. The FBI pretends to be selling bombs online and to be teenagers in chat rooms, for similar reasons.

Grim said...

Well, if you saw the news yesterday, you may have seen where a White Supremacist bomb-maker blew his own leg off trying to cook a bomb. I suspect the manuals floating around online in Urdu are much more reliable than the ones in English.

Ymar Sakar said...

It's a matter of experience, for bomb making. People who lived after making IEDs in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the SF related training Hussein Obola gave to the Islamic caliphate, would naturally produce a cadre sufficient to distribute effective training materials.

On the other hand, inside the US, the people who had the most experience making bombs were Leftist cells like Ayers. Right wing nationals are difficult for the Left to penetrate and most of those cells have gone into other goal lines. They can't really get it from the McVeighs.

Without Soviet initiated training, without a cadre, specialized knowledge doesn't spread. It's not as easy as people would like to think, given modern day technology spread.

Islam also had issues with bad bomb making, such as the binary explosive on the jet liner.

Pressure cookers and pipe bombs are rather simpler to deal with, since they make use of existing material and construction, sort of like fertilizer, but not as easily traceable.

As for the news, my Firewall doesn't allow any Leftist propaganda in, which includes things like tv shows, movies, and the "news".