That Would Be The -Clinton- State Department

DHS whistleblower says that the State Department crushed his investigation and destroyed database materials that could have stopped the Berdoo attacks.

Apparently the concerns came out of a union of the Clinton State Department and DHS's office of Civil Rights / Civil Liberties. That there was a network bringing in known radical Muslim preachers to American mosques was not a proper concern for Customs and Border Protection, apparently. His work, which had documented the extent of the network and that included the mosque attended by the Berdoo shooters, was deleted from the DHS systems following State Department complaints.


Cassandra said...

If you see something....

...don't say something.

Ymar Sakar said...

As I mentioned before, CAIR is handling counter terrorism training for the FBI. Even if the FBI notices terror cells.. they aren't allowed to do anything about them or report them as threats.

The real threats they are looking out for are the McVeighs and the Breiviks.

But they'll settled for armed patriots and crush them, even average humans can see the clues dotting together now. Not that it was obvious before.