Say, Who's Up For An 'Assault Weapon' Ban?

The New York Times asks the question as part of their regular poll with CBS, having just run a front-page editorial to fulminate on the subject. Now 'assault weapon' isn't a real category based on function, but a scary name invented to make the guns easier to ban during the Clinton Administration. We all remember the Clinton-era ban, and that it was allowed to sunset after ten years because it accomplished nothing whatsoever. Even the Brady folks couldn't muster anything positive to say about it.

Given that the name was invented for the sole purpose of being scary enough to sell gun control, the poll has always before found that a majority of respondents agreed to ban such guns. Not this time. The highest opposition on record for the poll was 34%. Now a clean majority oppose such bans.


Cassandra said...

See? Obama's fundamentally transforming public opinion :p

Ymar Sakar said...

He fundamentally transformed many gun owners into corpses with "accidental" SWAT raids all right. Later on, they get six months of suspension (paid vacation) and it's "oops, that wasn't the right address", but for some reason, the owner had firearms and is still dead or in jail.

douglas said...

Praise the lord, and pass the ammunition!

raven said...

One unintended consequence of petty laws is that people, to put it bluntly, stop giving a damn about them. That scofflaw stain can spread very easily.
Apparently Malloy has given the word in Connecticut (a lovely place,BTW, like a fine old mansion infested with termites and vermin) to start using the records to enforce his edicts on gun owners.
The band is tuning up.