Waco Update: Dallas News Editorial

Just in case you like the bottom line up front, they give it to you in their headline: "In Waco case, biker gangs earning more trust than prosecutors."


raven said...

This may be a good example of the gov as a criminal enterprise.

Ymar Sakar said...




It's usually not a good idea to frighten Germans and put them into a corner. They don't really react well to that, given 20th century history.

While European propaganda has mind controlled and brainwashed their population into Compliance, the internet allows any number of re emergent vectors. For example, if they wished for military style training, there are any number of private and not so private citizens in the US that can offer this service to them, to provide cadre support.

And after that, well, it gets going at a normal pace.

When Europe falls, think America will be able to stop all those French nuclear materials from being made into WMDs? Has anyone noticed how many breeder reactors and smaller scale ones the French have active...

"Buffer state" will have a whole new meaning once Canada falls as well.

Tick, Tock.