Journalistic Standards of Writing

Business Insider wants you to know that while the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton's server, they aren't investigating Clinton herself.
The Post reports that the unusual system was originally set up by a staffer during Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, replacing a server used by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.
Where they wrote "unusual" I might have said "illegal," since at minimum Clinton was violating the Federal Records Act. I suppose journalists usually say "allegedly illegal," as well they might here since there are apparent violations not only of that act but of the acts governing the care of classified material. Still, no one in authority has dared to allege illegality. Those concerns have been raised only by other journalists, and who are journalists to challenge the powerful?

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E Hines said...

Wow--three oxymorons in a single four-word title.

On to the OP: I'm not too worried, at this point, about the Obama administration stonewalling the HRC investigations, beyond the possible fragility of the evidence. The statute of limitations won't run out in 18 months (and he's building a case for his own accessoriness to these crimes), Obama's Executive orders castrating Departmental IGs are easily undone, and DoJ investigations can be reinvigorated.

Eric Hines