Well, That's Interesting

Among reasons not to drink Mountain Dew:
11. It’ll Dissolve a Mouse
Recently there was a law suit involving a mouse that was found in a can of mountain dew, and PepsiCo’s legal defense suggested that the consumer planter the mouse. They did this by admitting that a mouse left in a can of mountain dew for the period of time that the mouse was supposedly in the can the consumer purchased would have completely dissolved.
This claim appears to check out. Of course, your stomach lining is strong.


Larry Sheldon said...

I am not sure, but I thing all carbonated beverages are quite acid, and most have citric acid added as well.

E Hines said...

Indeed. CO2 + H20 yields acid, and acid readily dissolves organics, and lots of inorganics.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

And Mountain Dew is a kind of lemon-lime flavor too, right?

E Hines said...

The mix of mouse and lemon-lime reminds me of wild hickory nuts.

Or something.

Eric Hines