The "John Doe" Proceedings

Or, "How The IRS, FBI and Justice Departments are Agents of Modern American Tyranny."
Imagine having a vision for your country.

You worked hard to start an organization to promote the ideas and values that you believe can fix our nation.

When you apply for tax-exempt status, which should be a simple matter of paperwork, you face repeated delays and demands from the government that stretch the process across months and years.

Then you learn—not from the government, but from an outside source—that your private information was shared with multiple government agencies, all of whom wanted to “piece together” criminal charges against you.

Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by a gang of police, shouting and waving their weapons at you. They turn your house inside-out, steal your laptop and phone, then order you not to tell anyone they were there.

All this happened because your political beliefs landed on the wrong side of those officials in power.
We have still the freedom to write about it. At least, we do if we haven't been placed under a gag order.
Jonah’s father may have been the target of the raid on his home, but according to the family, investigators went well beyond the scope of the warrant to seize business records in his mother’s possession, including confidential donor and financial information for two conservative Wisconsin nonprofits, which were paralyzed for weeks as a result. Yet despite the overly expansive search, to this day, no one in Jonah’s family has been charged with a crime. The damage to the family’s reputation was immense. Soon after the raid, and despite court orders mandating confidentiality (orders that prevented the family from publicly defending themselves), their names leaked to the press.


Dad29 said...

You will be pleased to know that the Wis Supremes body-slammed the prosecutors for their 'irrational and illegal' work.

More: the principal target will circulate a petition to have John Chisholm removed as Milwaukee County DA--the Governor of Wisconsin has the right to do that, by the way.

Even more yet: that principal target intends to release to the public most (if not all) of the prosecutor's documents on the case.

And there will be a civil lawsuit, too. Keep the popcorn handy.

Grim said...

That is all good news. Prison seems as if it might be a better response, however.

jaed said...

their names leaked to the press

Wrong verb, I think, and wrong subject. "Prosecutors gave their names to the press", surely.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court's opinion is good to read. Heartening.

Ymar Sakar said...

Are those feeble actions going to stop the Left?