Some Positive Eid al-Fitr News

American Muslim groups have raised $90,000 to help rebuild the black churches that have recently burned.
“In the time of the prophet (Muhammed), peace be upon him, there was a really strong history of Muslims working with Christians very closely — some of the first Muslims were sent to seek shelter under a Christian king in Ethiopia,” Islam said. “That connection has always been there.”


Anonymous said...

They might want to count up how many fires there have been in predominantly white christian churches, and see if the same need exists, there.

Those statistics aren't easily available, and it's a very important piece of information.


Grim said...

Well, the bad news part of this good news story is the racial angle.

Although some questioned what Muslims were doing raising money for Christian churches, one of the organizers, Namira Islam, executive director of MuslimARC — a Muslim anti-racism group — said the impetus to help came largely because of the racist nature of the attacks.... Muslims have faced similar discrimination in the U.S. as blacks, although African Americans have undoubtedly experienced more racism and racist violence than American Muslims, the Muslim coalition said on the LaunchGood fundraiser page.

Still, it's not nothing, and it is at least partially motivated by decent impulses (even if it's also motivated by a sense of mainstream America as a common enemy).

Eric Blair said...

In the end, it's an invitation to conversion.

Grim said...

Fair enough. They're allowed to invite you.

Ymar Sakar said...

Nation of Islam

douglas said...

Just a couple weeks ago, a Mormon temple burned in my neighborhood. Don't know if a cause has been determined yet. Had it been a black church, I'm sure it would have been major news.