Havok Journal: ISIS Must Die

How much brutality can you stand before we decide that something must be done? There is a point when we become numb to such behavior, when after that we become used to such behavior. I don’t want to be used to something like that and yet with innumerable occurrences, I can no longer feel the way I did before.

We lose a bit of our humanity when we learn to harden ourselves to something like this. I had calluses on my soul before. I don’t want them back.

Understand clearly, this is the pattern of the Islamic State; this is how they will rule and there is no turning back. No nation, which started out with brutality and bestiality has ever stepped back from that level of force. They started their campaign this way and nothing has changed in the few years since it began.
UPDATE: Jim Hanson has an op-ed on ISIS today as well.

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Ymar Sakar said...

When the Demoncrats decree, people don't get a vote. That's what they voted for. One vote, one time.