Bad Habits

Same band as last night, this time singing about cocaine.

I don't care at all about cocaine -- I'm one of the last Americans to have never done any illegal drug -- but I was wondering about this song for a while. I heard it in this documentary about the Angels, and for a long time I thought it was an ode to BDSM: "everybody take a whip on me!" That turns out not to be the relevant lyric at all. It's an old tune, done by Woodie Guthrie.

By the way, forward that video to 8:24 to hear Jerry Garcia give an ode to bikers. "Is that out front, or what?"

"Are you afraid of them?"



"Because they're scary, man."


Gringo said...

The Woody Guthrie version of "Take a Whiff on Me" reminded me of Flatt & Scruggs's song Salty Dog Blues.

Grim said...

Yes! A fine tune, that one. Here's another one in the genre: The Browns' Ferry Blues.