We had a luxury yacht once

At least, we had an offshore fishing boat.  It wasn't a luxury boat like Marco Rubio's though; it was used, and I think it was a foot or two shorter than his opulent 24.  We couldn't have dinner parties on it like he can, or shelter our guests in private cabins.  We didn't even have a helicopter landing pad like his.

Another thing that shows he can't identify with ordinary voters like me is his luxury mansion.  I've never lived in a home with 2,700 square feet, except for one period when I shared it with eight other commune-types, like a good member of the proletariat.  I never had an in-ground pool.  At the ancestral Texan99 manor, if we wanted to splash we had to fill up the little plastic pool.  Where does Rubio get off?

Best to stick with the Clinton/Kerry ticket.

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