Voice of the Mighty 9th

My Representative, Doug Collins, on religious freedom and the void that used to be the Constitution.


douglas said...

You know, the left used to know about free speech. the ACLU used to believe in defending the free speech rights of Neo-Nazis to march and proclaim their hate speech publically in Skokie. Now, it's as if it had been erased from their history.

Texan99 said...

Without a comprehension of the importance of the First Amendment, how quickly we move from "thou shalt not disparage the King's marriage or the Queen's chastity" to "thou shalt not criticize the King's annulment of his marriage" to "thou shalt take an Oath supporting the new marriage on pain of beheading."

There's a legitimate place in law for prohibiting speech of the "go murder that guy and everyone who looks likes him or practices his religion," which is how I define "hate speech." Where we go wrong is including in hate speech any verbalized expression of disapproval for any aspect of someone's behavior or ideas--which always is a one-way standard, of course, or else anti-free-speechers would have no weapons to bring to bear on people who commit speech crimes.