When you're a scientist, sometimes it's good to be the king, if it means you get to look under a different rock from the one that all the smart people agree is the right one to be looking under.


Cass said...

“With this achievement, the estimated number of galaxies in the universe had multiplied enormously — to 50 billion, five times more than previously expected,” wrote John Noble Wilford in The New York Times. And some of the older ones – those distant, faint ones that were supposedly impossible for Hubble to see – looked really, really different.

There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in our philosophies.

Amazing. Thanks for posting this :)

james said...

Sometimes the "king" in a science group gets the job because he sees possibilities nobody else does. Francis Halzen thought you could build a neutrino detector in the South Pole ice. I thought it was farfetched and unlikely. He was right; I was wrong. He's the chief; I work for his team.