Cathedral of May / Into the Wild

Welcome to the Cathedral of May, that fine time of year with no equal except October, and with the summer instead of the winter in front of us.

I am departing at once for the Wild. I will be gone for a week or thereabouts. Partly I will be on the Appalachian Trail, and partly in less well-traveled places.

Some appropriate music for the Maytide.


Anonymous said...

Alas, for all that I appreciate the flowers of spring, my fear of storms greatly dims the pleasure. (Six brushes with tornadoes thus far.)


Grim said...

This trip was gorgeous in terms of weather. There was rain one night, the last night, heavy enough to soak through the waterproofing on the tent. That wasn't much fun, as the temperature dropped into the hypothermia range.

Still, at first light I got out, gathered squaw wood from up the ridge and built a fire to dry out. In the end, the danger and misery of the moment just flavored the glory of the good parts. Backpacking is like that. Hauling a 45 pound pack to the top of the highest mountain in the park hurts. Somehow, that's part of why it's worth doing.