Against the Shaving of Beards

Some visual persuasion. Obviously there's a third kind of person without a beard -- a serving member of the US military, with a few exceptions for folks like Sikhs and Special Forces. Still, once you get to the numbered arguments, there's something interesting going on.


Eric Blair said...

Oh yeah, the dude eating red cock sauced ramen out of his beard. So classy.

I'll keep shaving.

Besides, only lumbersexuals around here have beards. And old IT guys. And I'm not old enough yet.

Grim said...

Heh. I actually do heat my house with wood in winter, though. Fell trees, split logs, the whole bit.

My wife was remarking on the beards-and-muscles trend in American men's fashion not long ago. "They can't have you," she said.

"They don't want me," I replied. "They want someone who looks kind of like me, but is twenty years younger."

Of course, those guys don't usually know how to use chainsaws anymore.