A Horror Story

Imagine an eleven-year-old girl, home alone by night. A vehicle pulls into the driveway outside, and a man gets out. He comes to the door, and knocks loudly. She doesn't answer, so he goes around to each door in turn knocking on it, seeking entry. When no one comes to any door, he forces his way into the house with a prybar.

She hides in her closet, locked in a bedroom, and hears him prowling through the house. He forces his way into the room. She hears him coming her way. He opens the closet door.

He sees her.

Then, he runs away.


E Hines said...

To which I say, good for the child, and good for the parents for teaching her.

It's too bad the thug wasn't shot, that's not a task I'd wish on a child.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

When I was young, a couple of neighborhood boys came home and found some robbers burglarizing their family home. The boys had been out shooting their .22 rifles, as boys used to do, so they gave a fusilade that resulted in some injured bandits fleeing the scene. The bandits were picked up by deputies some time later, somewhat in need of medical attention.