Semper Paratus

A group of Norwegian Muslims will be forming a circle around Oslo synagogue after the celebration of Shabat this Saturday in a solidarity gesture called the Ring of Peace.

"If the Jihadists want to use violence in the name of Islam, they must go through us Muslims first," said one of the event's initiators.
That's awesome and deeply honorable, but be ready for them to come right through you. They're ready to do that. What's your plan when they do?

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MikeD said...

As indicated in the article I linked yesterday, that won't be a problem for them, because you're all "apostates" anyway. There's a very specific hierarchy of acceptability in Islam (by the Koran at least), and it goes like this:
Muslims (the Ummah)
Christians and Jews (People of the Book)

And you can see how they treat the Jews.