Like reading Anne Frank's diary

This piece about life in Mosul under ISIS has been linked all over the place lately.  It's chilling.  There's an interesting discussion of the crisis in faith that some of Mosul's Moslems are now facing, as they ask the question, "Is this really what my religion is about?"


Cass said...

Can't read this now (hair's on fire at work) but am busily saving links to pass on to the Spousal One.

Looks very interesting!

Grim said...

"Caliphatalism" is a great word.

This is what caused the Awakening, you know. After a while, they ended up saying -- just like the one quoted here -- "I wish the US Army would free us."

Some became outraged enough to pick up arms and try to free themselves, too. Between the one thing and the other, Daesh never stood a chance. We could do it again if we wanted to.