Fun new ideas for Christmas parties

NSFW, so I won't quote it here, but if you're as crudely immune to all notions of propriety as I am, you'll enjoy this.  I'm going to go stock up on some cognac and piping supplies.


Cass said...

Ina Garten hanging out with a damn turkey almost destroyed me.

But I"m not sure anything can come close to topping the designer chicken coop they were selling a few years ago (I kid you not) for 2000 bucks :p

Eric Blair said...

Jeebus, I'm still laughing at this:

Let's be clear on this right now: If you invite me into your home and serve me mushrooms from your home log, I'm not eating them. You are trying to drug me, and I'm not having it. Unless your home has a climate-control system similar to an Ebola quarantine room, I'm not touching those things. Don't be a fungus person. They're right below entomologists on the creepy scale.