Crimes Against Humanity

So the Pope got some good press today.
Religious leaders from a half-dozen faiths have signed on to a new Vatican initiative to end modern-day slavery by 2020, declaring that human trafficking, forced labor and prostitution are crimes against humanity.

Pope Francis and the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, were joined Tuesday by the Hindu guru Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma, as well as Buddhist, Jewish and Shiite and Sunni Muslim representatives for a signing ceremony of a joint declaration against modern slavery....

Francis has made eliminating human trafficking and modern-day slavery one of the key priorities of his pontificate, instructing the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to focus on it in their academic conferences and studies... . "Here he came into contact with the drug situation, the situation of the excluded — and naturally the most dramatic form of exclusion is slavery, which is forced labor and prostitution," [Bishop] Sanchez Sorondo said in an interview ahead of the ceremony.
I find the inclusion of prostitution very interesting. In both cases it's coupled with forced labor without an Oxford comma, so I'm not sure if the intent is to couple "forced prostitution" with "forced labor," or if it is prostitution per se that is being condemned as a crime against humanity. The Pope's actual remarks suggest it may only be forced prostitution, but it isn't clear there either.

It's an interesting question, because St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine both found that prostitution -- though gravely immoral -- probably ought not to be illegal. I dissent from that particular point of argument, but it is a position supported by thinkers with significant authority.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

This trend toward fashionable secular social goals - with timelines - is worrisome, even when the goal itself is a worthy one.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about "modern-day slavery" is that slavery is illegal everywhere in the world, and the present cases of slavery rely on some form of compliance by the "enslaved."

I would treat confiscation of a person's passport or visa as a felony. I am not sure what the applicable laws state.


Ymar Sakar said...

This really depends on if the Pope is against the Left or for the Left, or merely neutral.

To allies of the Left, enemies of humanity are merely people who desire to be free of control, external evil control at that.