A Man After My Own Heart

But, of course he is.
Milius, who wrote... Apocalypse Now and... directed Conan the Barbarian... is there when Pauline Kael arrives. Kael is the liberal New Yorker film critic. To her, a Milius film is only slightly better than a slime mold.

Milius has had some wine. He has an intermediary tell Kael that he would like a “conference” with her. A message comes back: Kael wants to know if Milius, who in meetings with executives was fond of displaying pistols, is armed.

“Tell her I’m not armed,” Milius says. “But I myself am a weapon.”
His greatest stroke in Conan was in getting Basil Poledouris to do the score. It wouldn't be a tenth the movie it is if it had the ordinary score of a Sword & Sorcery film.


Eric Blair said...

Yeah, that score does make the movie.

Texan99 said...

It's excellent music. Really a well put-together movie.

Anonymous said...

Poledouris is one of the under-rated film composers. I suspect, if he hadn't become prominent just as John Williams hit the scene, we'd have a lot more scores by him.

And yes, Conan is one of the best blends of film and score around.


Ymar Sakar said...

A lethal weapon that hasn't been licensed or registered?