Our neighbor's niece put together a playlist for her to drive home by last week, with a Thanksgiving theme. The first number: Danke schön: Jim Gerraghty advises us today:
You’ll recall that last year Organizing for Action urged its members to talk up Obamacare at the dinner table. My assessment still stands:
Here’s a crazy idea: Treat your family members as people you love and appreciate — or at least tolerate — instead of targets for political conversion. You only get one or two families in this life — the one you’re born into, and the one you marry into. Maybe if you’re lucky, you become “like a son” or “like a sister” to another. There’s a lot to talk about in this world beyond politics, and chances are you’re not going to persuade disagreeing relatives, anyway.


Cass said...

Did you see that idiotic ThinkProgressive piece about "how to talk about ObamaCare with your obnoxious Tea Party uncle"?


Ymar Sakar said...

instead of targets for political conversion.

They had no choice. Their fuhrer ordered them to do so.

What were they going to do, declare themselves a rebel and go against their Authority? How many military people have successfully done that against superior orders?

As for people who think Hussein Obola's loyalists are civilians... they need to get a grip on what fanaticism really means.