Four Guys Against Rape

So rape drugs are a problem. For years -- indeed, for decades -- I've heard people advising women not to drink anything they haven't had positive control of every second since they watched it being poured.

Four college students, all men, thought this was a problem. So, they're fixing it.

Solid work, boys.


Cass said...

Grim, you ignorant manslut :)

Don't you know that this is proof that rape culture is a very big problem????11?


Grim said...

Good lord, the reactions you posted are madness. Poor guys! No good deed goes unpunished, they say.

Cass said...

I find these people utterly impossible to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

I really, really do not want to live in the world the "make all of creation safe for anything I want to do" people envision. I want a world like Aslan: it is good, but not [automatically] "safe."

The guys came up with a good idea and my hat is off to them for the work they put into it.