Now that President Obama has proven Congress can’t stop him from releasing terrorists, the administration could be primed to empty out the prison at Guantanamo Bay.
It's amazing what can be accomplished once you prove to yourself that you aren't bound by the law.


Texan99 said...

Now I'm just curious to know whether it's possible for him to go far enough to get serious impeachment talks started.


Grim said...

I thought the National Review hit the right note on the VA scandal: not calling for impeachment, but calling on the President directly to resign. It's just as likely to achieve the desired effect, but it puts the focus where it belongs -- not only that he ought to resign, but that he lacks the honor to do so.

Ymar Sakar said...

Amoral people behave differently than patriots of their country.

Second option is that Hussein is a moral person, by somebody else's country's standards: like Islam.

E Hines said...

I still hope for a change to a veto-proof majority in both houses for his last two years.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

That's be SWEET.