Goals for marriage

The NY Post examines divorce trends in the U.S.  As Cassandra often has reported to us, women have been the primary instigators for a while, but socio-economic clout correlates strongly with staying married:
In the 1970s, when divorce skyrocketed, Wilcox says, many researchers expected that the upper classes would be worst hit.
The sexual revolution seemed to free them from the social strictures of marriage.  Hope for the future of the American family rested on those middle and even lower classes in the heartland.
In fact, the exact opposite has proved true.  Marriage is thriving among the wealthy and educated.
“Who would have thought elites would have devoted themselves maniacally to their children’s success?” asks Wilcox.
It seems as though marriage does well when it is a vehicle for something else — whether that’s making sure your children have food on the table or that they get into an Ivy League school.
Marriage does well when it is a vehicle for "something else"--than the "Cinderella romance" addressed by the article.  Who'da thought.

The author wonders whether women are abandoning marriages because their husbands are maladroit geeks and grubby slackers.  My husband has been remarkably patient with my maladroit geekiness and grubby slackerdom.


Grim said...

“Who would have thought elites would have devoted themselves maniacally to their children’s success?” asks Wilcox.

Who'd have thought? Well, Thomas Aquinas thought that was just what marriage was chiefly about -- and not only for elites.

But nobody reads him anymore.

Ymar Sakar said...

The elites like the Clintons know that to propagate power, they must have their Chelsea heirs put the boot to the peasants and drain/crush the peasants of all their wealth and taxes.

For the peasants and middle class merchants to rise to the top via marriage, that would be horrible, thus they use abortion and feminism to engineer the destruction of their competition.

Compared to a feudal aristocracy based on blood or martial glory, this New Aristocracy is based upon who has influence in DC to redistribute wealth.

Ymar Sakar said...

They think Aquinas is just another dead white Catholic male or some such.

Ted Kennedy, they worship, as far superior. And they fear Republican rapists, like the one Hillary Rodham smeared the child for in the rape case.

The Left doesn't have to make sense. Evil doesn't need imagination. Evil just needs to get it done. Reproduction is handled via corruption, not creation.