A Congressman who can communicate

Tired of watching your public representatives stumble all over themselves and put people to sleep trying to explain why it's important not to let the White House get away with Benghazi?  It looks like somebody screwed up and put a guy in charge who knows how to talk to juries.  His opening salvo to the media:  if you'd done your job, I wouldn't have to be asking these questions.

H/t Bookworm Room.


Grim said...

Wow, you're right about this guy. He sounds like the former prosecutor that he really is.

MikeD said...

Sadly, he's not my Representative. He's from the far side of the State. Too bad. I'd vote for him.

DL Sly said...

OooooRAH, get some!
Damn I love hearing the media getting it's collective asses handed to it. Malignant pieces of offal that they've become.

douglas said...

Too bad we're among the very few who even heard this clip. It's tough to say something about the megaphone holder and expect it to get out the other end.

Ymar Sakar said...

They reposted several of this person's videos on youtube, bypassing the MSewerM.

Watch this guy have an accident or go quiet after something happens to his family. The Left isn't taking any backtalk any more, especially from people who sound like Sarah Palin and Fox News and Tea Partyists.