What state are you?

Can't resist those quizzes.  Psychically, my husband belongs in Montana and I in Colorado, but neither of us can tolerate the cold.  I like to think that our atypical little Texas county is our own private Montana/Colorado.


Cass said...



Grim said...

Got Colorado also.

E Hines said...

As usual, this sort of survey does not have the right answer for my cultural or racial ID (with me choosing this time, to go for cultural)--what is it with these sorts that deny Americanism as a culture?

They didn't have my occupation category, either....

Did I answer truthfully? Really?

Oh, that was for the full test.

I'm supposed to be in Colorado. In a pig's eye. Aside from being entirely too cold, those folks are much too...liberal. Although they're starting to make some right moves, recalling a couple of state Senators over those Senators' blatant foolishness.

Eric Hines

DL Sly said...

Wrong side of the sandbox and nothing but knolls and hills.
Give me real mountains and true seasons -- the kind that has you looking forward to the following one year after year after year.

douglas said...

Washington state? Eh, whatever.

Anonymous said...

New Mexico? Hmmm, maybe I've been spending a little too much time in the state and university archives. I'd like my carne con chili colorado with a side of Christmas, please. (and if you know what I just ordered, you too have spent too long in the Land of Enchantment {and of plague, and of corruption, and of drought, and of great food, and of . . .})


Anonymous said...

I got Colorado - much to my wife's consternation - she thought I had rigged the test. I do love mountain sunsets!

Texan99 said...

That was a weirder test than usual.