Police State (part 43)

Instapundit takes note of this item, from the National Review Online, which encapsulates nicely just what a police state the US is turning into.

There is a Japanese Anime series called "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" that takes place in the usual dystopian future--although the fictional Japan depicted isn't quite as bad as the Lost Angeles of "Blade Runner". But a plot point in the series involves conflict between intergovernmental agencies and their armed SWAT teams. Literally, one group is the "Health Ministry Commandos".

I chuckled at that when I first watched it, but I'm not laughing anymore, because that's pretty much what we got here now, when some farmer gets raided by armed agents for selling unpasteurized milk.

Health Ministry Commandos.


Grim said...

We do seem to have a few too many SWAT teams running around the country, don't we? But I'm sure they'll exercise admirable restraint when they come for Tex, who has already confessed to her love for extra-legal milk.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Well food is important, right? Much more important than liberty or rights.

I mean, just imagine how bad it would be if people had all their rights and freedoms but didn't have government watching over their milk?

Get it straight: government can't regulate sexual behavior that ends up affecting us all, but it can regulated what affects only an individual stomach.

Grim said...

Apparently with SWAT teams.

So, any failed states in reasonably nice parts of the world where we might move to start over?