Part Time DMV

We knew that corporations would do this -- probably almost all of them, and to the greatest degree they possibly can -- but apparently state governments can also stop employing people full-time to avoid Obamacare.

I remember when the French started cutting to a 35 hour workweek in the hope of creating more jobs. At the time we mocked them, but we've apparently found a way to create a 29 hour limit.


Texan99 said...

At least we're not cutting hours to 29 per week in some deluded hope of creating jobs.

I'd like to see state governments cut their payrolls for other reasons, but hey -- any port in a storm. What are the odds the public will miss the services that would have been provided in those extra 11 hours? Is that one more Amish farmer who will make it to market with his pasteurized milk because a bureaucrat had to abandon his post?

I know I'm being callous to adjunct professors at state schools. I figure, if the college can't get by without the work they were planning to do in the other 11 hours, maybe the profs and a bunch of their students will opt for a private school or an affordable MOOC instead.

It would be better if it were federal workers, though.

Grim said...

Well, why not be callous to adjunct professors at state universities? Everybody else is.

E Hines said...

Maybe the state governments could...tithe...instead (also?), and just send 10% of their workforce permanently back to the private sector. And do that for about 5 years.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

What they're more likely to do is send a portion of their workforce to unemployment.