While shepherds watched their flocks by night

My husband bought me a "Garage Band" program ages ago, but I only recently figured out that it's possible to record voice tracks on the computer's native microphone, if a little tinnily.  I've spent many a happy hour this week laying down all four tracks of a series of Shape Note tunes, including this Christmas carol.

Even when it's just me singing with myself, it's surprising how hard it is to get all the voices to blend.  I'm going to be practicing for a long time laying down the tracks, trying to keep all the parts together and on the beat.  What could be more fun?  And I'll need a better microphone at some point.  But there are only 45 minutes of Christmas left, so this carol has to upload in its current state.


Grim said...

Very nice! Keep doing this. I like to hear it.

bthun said...

In betwixt my dearest Walkin Boss herding me about on our appointed holiday rounds and my own wayward, post Mayan Apocalypse, aka winter solstice meanderings, I finally had a chance to listen to your recording... I'll summarize by simply saying, what Grim said.

Very nice.

Cass said...

Wow! I really enjoyed that :)

Very impressive!

douglas said...

So that's what Garage Band is for! Fantastic!