Transportation anarchy

More from Maggie's Farm, a link to a blurb about the attempts of the Taxicab Medallion Bureaucrat Industrial Complex to crush the upstart mobile app livery service "Uber."  Being a country mouse, I hadn't heard a thing about this service, but there are lots of articles out there about it now (here, here, here, and here).  You sign up in advance with an app for your smartphone and put your credit card on file.  When you need a ride, you punch in your position and wait far less time than you'd wait for a normal taxi.  While you wait, you can see your driver approaching on the GPS map, which definitely beats the amusing habit of many taxi companies, which claim your driver is on the way when he's really across town with another fare and planning to drive out toward your area sometime in the next 45 minutes or so.  No cash changes hands; even the tip is charged to your card.  Fares are somewhat higher than traditional cabs.  Users report mixed results.

Municipal taxi regulators hate this service, of course, and are doing their best to strangle it.


Grim said...

Anarchists! Heh. :)

This looks like a classic example of Schumpeter's principle. I generally love to see it at work.

Daniel said...

Agreed Grim, gov't is just pissed they won't get their precious revenue.