Imperial Overreach

There's a pretty solid argument here from Rep. Eric Cantor, which includes something interesting on the link between the rule-of-law and GDP. We were discussing that recently, in one of the Politics sections, and it might be worth revisiting in light of this piece.


Dad29 said...

There is a way to stop him.

The Republicans in the House simply have to vote against any continuing resolutions.

No spending, no Gummint.

They can do it the intelligent way, by breaking a CR into small parts and passing only those that they agree with.

But that would presume that the (R) Party suddenly got intelligent.

Miss Ladybug said...

The Republicans would be crucified in the media if they took that stand, Dad29. While it might be the truly moral thing to do for the long-term safety and security of the nation, public opinion is heavily influenced by the media (just look at the fact that Obama was actually re-elected, or elected in the first place...). Obama will continue to do whatever it is he wants to do, regardless of whether or not Congress has authorized him to spend money on it...

Congress will be unable to do anything about it, so long as the Senate is controlled by the Democrats. The House could impeach, but I doubt the Senate - with a Democrat majority - would ever convict. I really fear where this presidency is leading the country... Can we make it to 2014, and will the Republicans be able to maintain the majority in the House and gain control in the Senate?