They're he-e-e-re

Hummingbird Festival comes to our little town in mid-September every year:  it starts next Thursday.  We've been worrying a little whether it would be timed well this year, since the birds hadn't really begun flooding our feeders yet.  As of this morning, I have no more worries.  That little tolerable-front we had last night brought not only a trace of very welcome rain but a raft of hummers.  This morning, for the first time in recent memory, the low is 71 degrees, although it was a grueling 87 last night at bedtime.  Makes us want to get right out in the garden and catch up on some chores.  So, because I don't have usher duty until next Sunday, I'm declaring a church hooky day.


Grim said...

I was buzzed quite close by one of these things a couple days ago. I can only assume she too my bandana for a flower of some kind, and was charging in to take possession of the nectar when she suddenly realized her terrible mistake.

bthun said...

Wunnerful weather! The AC went on break yesterday and the windows went up. The sleeping was good.

The rain missed us entirely. Not. A. Drop. Plan B: The sprinklers lit off at 3:00 a.m.

We've tried to keep the H-birds well fed with sugar-water all summer so they ought to be in fair to middlin' shape when they hit your feeders.

Texan99 said...

We're up to about one gallon a day now. Peak season can call for six gallons a day.

Grim said...

Yeah, we've been feeding ours up too. The wife really likes the little things, so she's hung our feeders on either side of her studio. They're constantly buzzing around that end of the house in summertime.

DL Sly said...

I've got one teenager left up here. He's still a little too small to migrate, but he's filling out quickly now that he doesn't have to fight the other, bigger hummers for the nectar.
I got a great vid of him taking a bath in our front porch water fountain the other day.

Bob said...

We make 15 pounds of double syrup with minerals at a time for our bees and then cut it with two parts water for the hummers.

We have Anna's hummingbirds and they're dreadfully territorial. If we put up more than one feeder the poor things would kill themselves trying to guard them.