The Driving Instructor

News articles about Clint Eastwood's performance at the RNC compare his work to an old Bob Newhart sketch. Here's the one they're talking about; see for yourself.


Eric Blair said...

"I can do 8 more minutes of this, or I can make it a woman driver"


Texan99 said...

Bob Newhart was one of the best.

But the gag goes back at least to Jimmy Stewart and Harvey.

One of Cassandra's commenters mentioned that he was putting an empty chair in his front yard. I wonder if that will catch on?

Grim said...

That was my favorite part of the bit too, Mr. Blair.

When did Jimmy Stewart do it, Tex?

Texan99 said...

You know, Harvey, the six-foot-tall white invisible rabbit from the movie and play of the same name? Stewart speaks to him so convincingly you'd swear he was a member of the cast. If by some incredible chance it wasn't just that my reference was obscure but that you haven't seen the film, you have a treat in store.

Grim said...

You know, I saw that movie many years ago with my father. I should look it up again.