Today we have an article explaining that the President is pandering especially hard to young people right now, because they are strangely un-energetic about supporting him this year.  Having just given out White House beer recipes yesterday, today he is trumpeting a local college pizzeria that has a pie called "the POTUS."  Apparently it has pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, black olives, and onion -- the latter few so 'you can tell Michelle' that you had some vegetables on your pizza.

I cite this article not for the news content, nor for analysis on what if anything it means about the race.  No, I cite it simply for the first entry in the comments section:
Wingnut • 21 mins ago

They also have a Biden pizza which is basically tomato sauce and parmesan served on your foot.

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Eric Blair said...

That "Potus" pizza is basically what we used to get at the Godfather's pizza chain.